Laser engraved product customizer — design your Tags!

Laser engraved product customizer

You can use our Product Customizer to design your tags or labels just the way you want!

It doesn't have to be perfect, but it will give you (and us) a good idea of what you are trying to create.

Or you can use the Product Customizer to play around and create drafts of what you tags could look like.  

How to use the Product Customizer - pls see the video attached

  1. Select Product - Material  (left side menu - then pop up)
  2. Select Colour and Shape
  3. Add Text - pop up menu on right will let you size, ,shape and position the text
  4. Add Image - you can upload your logo for your design or use images from our library
  5. Add holes (if desired) from our image library - there is a collection of holes and templates for rivet holes and rivet cap size  (see our Rivet size diagram in Attachment Methods menu selection)
  6. Save, Share, Preview, or send us the design so we can help you create exactly what you want.