How are your full colour tags made? What is it made of? Can I wash it?  Can I iron it? Is it fray resistant?

It is washable, iron-able (med temp) and fray resistant. 

The ink system we use is 100% infused into the material fibers so the print is permanent and will last as long as the material.

The material choice is Satin, Velvet, Canvas, Poly Poplin.  They are all strong, wear resistant, fray resistant.  All materials are 100% polyester for detailed and permanent printing.

Satin – White or Off-White (Bone) – soft, silky and smooth finish – medium thickness and strong

Velvet – Similar to Ultra Suede but with tighter fibres for detailed printing – thicker and strong

Canvas – feels like a smooth canvas like fabric – med thickness and strong

Poly Poplin – feels like a soft poly cotton blend – soft and flexible – thinner fabric, perfect for softer tags, but still strong and fray resistant


How long does it take to ship an item?

That all depends on where you live and what we are shipping.  

For regular mail the guide lines are as follows:  (please note that these time frames are not guaranteed and are not tracked)

Within Canada:  4 to 6 business days

USA: 4 to 15 business days.  For an extra $12.50 (over and above the regular shipping charge), I can have your package tracked and to you withing 5 business days.  Just let me know!

International: 6 to 25 business days

If you want faster delivery we can do that for you!  Just send us a message and we will provide you a rate based on where you are and what we are shipping.

What is your turn around time?

I try my absolute best to have your order out within a couple of days!

What is your return policy?

As all items are custom made, I will not be able to accept returns.  

I always send pictures of the completed item before I ship 

How do you engrave fingerprints?

Use black ink, roll finger in ink, dap finger on white paper (do this until ink is gone). Don't push fingers on paper, just lightly touch.  I love a whole page of prints as then I can pick and chose which one would work the best.  :)

Take a picture in black and white in the highest resolution.  Please ensure that there are no shadows in the picture.  Then email to engrave@SpottedZebra.ca in the largest file format possible and we will take it from here!!!